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Supply of these amazing products is limited. Secure your opportunity to experience Frequense RISE & Frequense SOURCE during this pre-launch.

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Frequense RISE Features Amazing Ingredients

A skillfully infused mushroom blend boasting a mango lemonade flavor. Experience nature’s gifts in Frequense RISE. Discover their powers of renewal one sip at a time.


Originating from the mystical heights of the Himalayas over two millennia ago, Cordyceps mushrooms are a natural wonder for enhancing everyday energy and wellness. They work to help sustain your energy levels and support faster recovery in your daily activities. Embrace the power of Cordyceps and elevate your day-to-day vitality.


Reishi Mushrooms, often hailed as the ‘Mushroom of Immortality’ in Eastern traditions, have been a cornerstone of wellness for thousands of years. Celebrated for their calming and health-boosting properties, they offer a serene escape from the stresses of daily life. Incorporating Reishi into your daily routine is like nurturing your body and mind with nature’s ancient wisdom.”

Turkey Tail

Discovered in the lush forests of Asia and revered for centuries, Turkey Tail mushrooms are a natural marvel in supporting health and wellness. Known for their impressive immune-supporting properties, these mushrooms are a cornerstone for maintaining daily health and resilience. Integrating Turkey Tail into your routine is like giving a gift of wellness to yourself, every day.


Treasured for centuries in East Asia for their culinary and health properties, Shiitake mushrooms are a powerhouse of nutrition and wellness. Renowned for supporting immune health and overall vitality, they bring a natural boost to your daily life. Shiitakes are not just a food ingredient; they’re a key to maintaining your everyday health and well-being.

Lions Mane

Discovered in the dense forests of Asia and North America, Lion’s Mane mushrooms have been cherished for centuries for their unique brain-boosting benefits. Known for supporting cognitive function and mental clarity, they are a natural ally in your daily mental wellness journey. Embracing Lion’s Mane is like giving your brain a daily dose of nature’s own nootropic.


Harvested from the cold birch forests of the Northern Hemisphere, Chaga mushrooms have been a staple in traditional wellness practices for centuries. Renowned for their powerful antioxidant properties and support for immune health, they are a natural guardian for your daily well-being. 

King Trumpet

Originating from the Mediterranean regions, King Trumpet mushrooms are a culinary delight and a healthful addition to any diet. Celebrated for their rich antioxidant content, they are a natural choice for nurturing your body. Incorporating King Trumpet mushrooms into your daily routine is like embracing a heart-healthy, nourishing gift from nature.

Committed To Quality

GMO Free

Dairy Free

Soy Free

Gluten Free

Sugar Free



Your SOURCE For Wellness


Supports maintaining equilibrium for peak performance and adaptability.

Trace Minerals

Enriched with a spectrum of key micronutrients like calcium, potassium, and iron for full support.


Nourishes your wellbeing with antioxidant-rich botanicals.


A naturally concentrated source to recharge your vitality.


Biocomplex compounds to encourage resilience, flexibility, and balanced wellbeing.

Amino Acids

The essential building blocks to renew your energy and wellbeing from within.

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Rise + Source


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Elevate Your Mental Game With

Supply of these amazing products is limited. Secure your opportunity to experience Frequense RISE & Frequense SOURCE during this pre-aunch.

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