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03 – Get Your First Customer


Important Note : Subscriptions Will Be Live In March

It’s time to get your first customer!

  • Who do you know that would love to have some mental clarity throughout the day.
  • Who do you know that would absolutely LOVE to FEEL GOOD NOW, even though life is chaotic.

Write them down right now.

We call this “High Vibing Our 5 Besties” so they can  Feel Good Now!


What do you send to High Vibe Your 5 Besties?

Here’s the step-by-step process to get started right now.

Step 1 – Using your favorite messenger, send this to your 5 besties.

  • {Their name}! I’m about to start a brand new system that makes you FEEL GOOD NOW, seriously in 30 min, my friend (x) said even though her life was super chaotic she felt clarity and calmness 30 min after using it.  So I am committed to a 21 Day Rise and Vibe Challenge.  Want to do it with me?!
  • Take 5 minutes and do this step right now before moving on.

Step 2 – What to say when they say YES.

  • Awesome! Check out the details really quick here:
    This quick video of my good friend Barb, who made the product, explains why and how.
    Reply back DONE once you’ve watched it.
    I’m so pumped to do this with you and help you FEEL GOOD NOW too!

Step 3 – When they reply back DONE.

  • Pretty insane right?
    That there is something that can help us (moms in chaos) feel good now.
    Plus it has a 30 day money back guarantee so no risk at all!
    Would you like to do the Rise and Vibe 21 day challenge with me?PS… It tastes like lemonade! Some of us are putting pellegrino bubbles in it so we sip and slay through the day.

Step 4 – When they say YES.

  • Sweet! Ok I will send you a direct link to grab the Rise and Vibe pack.
    Can you get your order in today? The reason I ask is because I bet you have 5 besties that would want to do this with us too!